Del Guazú port

The Port Terminal SA Guazú is located in the south of the province of Entre Ríos and it’s part of Villa Paranacito, head of the Department Ibicuy Islands, on the shores of the Paraná Guazú river. The port it’s located at the KM 178 of the Paraná Guazú river. Is owned and operated by Del Guazú S.A. 

This multi-purpose installation has a 200 m waterfront, suitable for vessels up to 260 m l.o.a. and is fitted with two mobile loading trippers (for grain and by products loading). Storage capacity: about 80.000 mt. 

The terminal is served by railway and truck. The terminal’s premises include a barge basin for the loading/unloading of barge convoys. Its flow and ability to self dredging boats suitable for overseas natural depth, is considered one of the main waterways